Master in Ecology
Master in Ecology

The Master programme in Ecology at the University of Basel provides theoretical and practical training during a minimum of three semesters. Graduates acquire in-depth knowledge of this rapidly evolving and fascinating discipline of biology and learn to plan and conduct their own research project and present research in an oral and written form.

Topics for Master projects in the research group Ecology:

  • Biogeography and vegetation ecology   
  • Past, present and future effects of environmental change
  • Phenology, growth, distribution and diversity of species
  • Conservation biology, including invasive species
  • Alpine and arctic ecosystems


 Please contact Prof. Rumpf for current opportunities.


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Master of Science in Ecology at the University of Basel

MSc courses at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center






Courses by Prof. Dr. Sabine Rumpf in spring semester 2023


Main lecture

Ökologie und Naturschutzbiologie

Sabine Rumpf


Block course

Ökologie und Naturschutzbiologie

Oliver Heiri
Sabine Rumpf
Yvonne Willi
and assistants


Field studies

Pflanzenbiologische, zoologische und naturschutzbiologische Studien (Regio Basel)

download the program here

various excursion leaders



Research Task in Ecology

Sabine Rumpf
24203-01ProjectsWriting Task in EcologySabine Rumpf



Biology of Plants and Ecosystems

Sabine Rumpf
Klaus Schläppi
Yvonne Willi